#20- Ultimate Spider-Man – [Tiny Repack]

Year of release: 2005
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Beenox Studios
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PC

Having got rid of the cinematic heritage and based on the comic strip of the same name, our hero magically rejuvenated. He is 16 again, he regularly attends high school, and his old camera has been replaced by the more relevant profession of a web designer. And the first love of an emergency (codename of Spider-Man, remember?), To everyone’s relief, no longer resembles a dinosaur. The progress of graphic technologies, so to speak, is evident. The publisher’s PR department insists that the game uses some kind of mysterious “3D Comic Inking Technology (™)”, although we suspect that the fancy name hides the usual cell-shading. In any case, it turned out amazing: what is happening on the screen looks like a comic book coming to life. The necessary attributes are present: “drawn” characters, an action jumping from panel to panel, characteristic sounds, lined with arshin letters all over 1024×768, and, of course, flat jokes of Peter. Moreover, the quality of the emergency humor has improved markedly over the years.

Repack features

Interface Language: English
Repack Size: 835 MB
HDD space after installation: 2 GB
Install Time: 10 seconds
Repack by MR Tiny

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